Just a quick little Wedding Wednesday post.  This is a Swarovski pearl and crystal necklace; a simple but elegant design.  I hope you like it. 
I hope you see you tomorrow! 

Just-in-time Art Event
Thurs April 28, 4-8 p.m.
At The Candle Lab
646 North High Street, Worthington, OH 43085
Watch the video (under 2 minutes)
Who knew April would be so cold and dreary, too?  Rainy day after rainy day.  I took a peek at the forecast, though, and -- if you can believe the meteorologist -- the weekend will be sunny and beautiful here in Columbus, OH...  Bike trip beautiful.  Wouldn't that be fun?  I am ready.

Meanwhile pulling my head out of the (rain) clouds, I am preparing for Thursday's awesome Just-in-time Art Event in Worthington.  Just making a few extra little things to take with me, like these hoop earrings in copper and silver.  I made myself a 2" pair in copper a couple weeks ago and I just love wearing them.  They are big enough to be fun, but also feminine and light.  So simple.
This is a 2 minute video about the event.  In it, you'll see some sample work from my four wonderful event partners too.  Even if you're not local, take a quick watch.  I don't mean to be an Animoto commercial, but that's what I used to make the video, and it's the bomb.  And, their 30 sec videos are free. 


Anyway, I do hope you'll stop out to The Candle Lab, Worthington, this Thursday April 28.  It's 4-8 p.m. and House Wine is also doing a wine tasting event right next door.
Welcome to the third installment of Wedding Wednesdays.  This is another Swarovski crystal necklace and earrings set with sparkle that is off the charts.  It's a wonderful style for the bride, but also unforgetable for bridesmaids or mom-of-bride.  And just think how it will look with your next New Year's Eve dress! 

Swarovski crystals come in just about every color you can imagine, and the necklace can be any length you like.
If you're a local reader, I hope you'll come and see me in Worthington later this month. 

Just-in-time Art Event
Thurs April 28, 4-8 p.m.
At The Candle Lab
646 North High Street, Worthington, OH 43085
Watch the video (under 2 minutes)

Thanks for stopping by!
Just-in-time Art Event
Thurs April 28, 4-8 p.m.
At The Candle Lab
646 North High Street, Worthington, OH 43085

Watch the video (under 2 minutes)

Come for an evening of hand crafted gifts in plenty of time for Mother's Day, spring weddings, June graduations, or the cutest baby in your life--  from these great local artists and craftsmen:

SueLacy Designs:   Handcrafted jewelry by metalsmith and designer Sue Lacy; Sue will also be Candle Lab's featured artist during June, July, and August! http://www.suelacydesigns.com

Handmade by Andrea Baker:  Handbags, business card cozies and more.  http://andreabaker.etsy.com

Infantaisle:  Original, unique, practical yet hip handmade baby bibs, teething bibs, bib clips, bean-shaped burp cloths, wee pads, snack pods and pop pods. All machine washable and dry-able.  http://infantaisle.etsy.com

Honeyrun Farm:  Pure raw honey, herbal infused honey, and handcrafted soap produced in Williamsport, Ohio.  They strive to produce environmentally mindful goods by taking a step back in time into small-scale farming.  http://www.honeyrunfarm.com/

Rush Creek Mosaics:  "Pique assiette" mosaics, a technique using broken vintage and retro china, pottery, tiles, glass, and found objects.  http://rushcreekmosaics.etsy.com

This event will be just plain fun, and we'd love to see you.  It's a hopping location; make a night of it! House Wine next door is having a wine tasting event that same evening. And of course with Graeter's on the other side... a new cupcake shop across the street... great bars and restaurants everywhere... you just can't go wrong!
This necklace is all Swarovski crystals and sterling silver.   The design is very elegant and very princess.  The sparkle of these crystals is off the charts; in fact, I'm finding these pieces a bit difficult to photograph.  If I don't block the direct light, there are highlights and shadows everywhere.  If I do, the picture is a bit washed out -- like these.   So this series will be an adventure in photography as well as jewelry, and I'll try to improve.
This design is of course customizable.  It would gorgeous with perfect Swarovski pearls in place of the blue crystals, for example. 

Stop by again on Monday for artist's choice, and don't forget Wedding Wednesdays!
I'm planning to post twice a week; artist's choice on Mondays and a formal wedding style piece on Wednesdays.  We'll see how that works out.

Fold forming is a new skill for me that I've been practicing.  It's a technique that uses metal folding, a whole bunch of hammering, a torch to anneal (soften) the metal, and sometimes a rolling mill.  Today's copper bangle is a sample of my fold forming practice.  The bangle is made from a 1x5.5" piece of copper sheet, and the last photo shows before and after.
Let me know what you think, and stop back for "Wedding Wednesday."  See ya!
This is my first Wedding Wednesdays post.  With spring and summer weddings coming up, I thought it would be fun to spend some time on wedding jewelry and formal wear.  I'll be thinking about the bride at her rehearsal dinner, wedding day, or honeymoon, and also the bridesmaids, flower girls, and mothers-of-the-bride and groom. 

Don't be fooled by my "Wedding Wednesdays" label, though.  This style of jewelry is perfect for a dinner party, award banquet, prom, graduation, New Year's Eve... you get the idea.

Quite a style change from my March One-a-day challenge!

So this is the fun I had today:

This necklace and earrings set is made from sterling silver wire and Swarovski crystal beads.  The clear crystals have a finish called "AB" which have a slight rainbow effect when they catch the light.  There is one freshwater pearl in center of the flower.   The necklace is a little over 19" long, the flower about 1" in diameter, and the earrings about 1.25".  The clasp is a small swan style.

The amazing thing about this type of design is its ability to be customized or changed.  I picked crystal AB with blue (something blue for the bride) but these beads come in all colors.  I put the flower low to the side, but I can easily move the flower higher or to the bottom.  Links can be added or removed for the perfect length.  Other pieces can be made to coordinate.

Stop back on Mondays and Wednesdays!  Mondays are artists choice.  Comments and ideas are always welcome;  I'd love to know what you think.
The winner of the March 2011 One-a-day jewelry challenge giveaway is...


Kathy, I have three quick tasks for you.

1) Choose your favorite pendant:  Day 1, Day 11, Day 21, Day 25, or today's, below.  (Day 30 is a brooch, so not a choice.)  Apologies -- days 1 and 11 sold quickly, so if you want one of those, I'll make a new one.  I was smart enough to stop putting trees in the shop after that, so 21, 25, and today's are ready to send.

2) Write a comment below this post telling me which Tree of Live Pendant is your favorite, and why you like it best.

3) Send your mailing address to suelacy@suelacydesigns.com so that I can ship it.

Today's tree...?  The sorry little winter tree from day 25 was a perfect expression of how I feel about winter.  However, I will grudgingly admit that the crazy late snow we had two days ago was beautiful; the clean white powder vanished as quickly as it fell, with no time to get tracked up and dirty.  It reminded me there is beauty in winter, so I'd like a do-over for the winter tree.  Here is my second submission.  The wire is copper and the snow is made from crystal quartz, moonstone, mother of pearl, and freshwater pearls.
Big apologies for repeating news from yesterday, but I'd like to catch today's visitors...

~ I am going to start posting twice a week.  On Mondays I'll do an artist's choice post or piece; could be anything.  Wednesdays will be Wedding Wednesdays (don't laugh) -- sparkly or formal pieces designed for weddings or other formal occasions.  All this starts on April 6.

~ If you're local, you'll be able to see my jewelry in Candle Lab, Worthington OH, between June 1 - Aug 31. I am their featured artist this summer :)  Otherwise, I do sell my jewelry from this web site.  You can also email me about customizations, etc.

~ I've had questions about liking me on FaceBook.  Look under the navigation links in the right column of this page.  In the FaceBook text (begins with little f in little blue square) if it says Like then click it.  If it says Unlike, don't :)  This will keep you in touch with any sales, news, giveaways, etc.

And most importantly, thank you so much for visiting.  You've made this a truly exceptional experience.  Don't be a stranger!