Check out Gifts of the Craftsmen art exhibit and sale Nov 14 - Dec 23, 2010 at The Ohio Craft Museum on W. 5th Ave, Columbus OH. [ ]  The exhibit is full of amazing art of many genres, styles, and materials, and they are priced affordably for holiday gift giving.  I am thrilled to be included this year as a featured artist.

The museum is part of a larger professional organization called Ohio Designer Craftsmen.  Those are the folks that bring us Winterfair each year in Columbus, one of the country's premiere art events.  They know how to put on a great show.
If you have not visited the Ohio Craft Museum before, the outward appearance is deceptive.  It's an older building with tall ornamental grass along the front, and doesn't scream ART from the outside.  The inside will take you by surprise.  A huge piece of modern art is on the wall as you enter, and the entire museum has an updated, open layout that beautifully accommodates the exhibits.  The quality and creativity of the art work will grab your attention from there -- beautiful textiles, expertly crafted wood, whimsical sculptures, stunning glass work, tantalizing ceramics and metals. There is no way you can attend this without wanting to take something home!
We will all be at the crowded shopping malls buying mass produced items this holiday season.  Adding this little gem to the top of your list of shopping destinations will give you an enjoyable cultural experience and ensure that you'll land some truly memorable and distinctive holiday gifts.  Admission is free.

Here are photos of SueLacy Designs jewelry included in Gifts of the Craftsmen this year:

Above:  sterling silver and labradorite pendant
Below:  sterling silver and 14k gold pendant, earrings

Above:  sterling silver hinged bracelet
Below:  sterling silver and freshwater pearl necklace
Below:  SueLacy Designs jewelry at Gifts of the Craftsmen
These are some of my favorites pieces available at the Ohio Craft Museum right now, created by other artists.  Or more correctly, these were available a few days ago when I took pictures.  Please visit the exhibit or contact the museum for artist information and additional works, and see them before they are sold! 
Welcome to my blog, SueLacy Wired.  For my first post, I'm thinking small and easy.   Let's start with a two question self-interview to get at the fundamentals everyone will want to know:  How did you pick your blog name?  What is your favorite color?

How did you pick your blog name?
I love the name SueLacy Wired for a metalsmith's blog.  I use a lot of wire.  The dictionary says it best:


1. made of wire; consisting of or constructed with wires.
2. strengthened or supported with wires.
3. Slang  tense with excitement or anticipation; edgy.
4. connected electronically to one or more computer networks.

Really, need I say more?

What is your favorite color?
I don't have a single favorite color.  It's the mix that really takes my breath away.  Blue with green; sky, trees, ocean.    Individually they are pretty, but together, they are invincible. 

I think that's a good metaphor for life.

What is SueLacy Designs about?
OK, I cheated and added a third question.  I'm really not good with numbers, anyway.

I’m a jewelry designer and metalsmith living in Dublin, OH.  I most enjoy creating pieces that are completely hand crafted, including basic components like earring wires, chain, clasps, and sometimes the beads.  Favorite materials are sterling silver, fine silver, 14k gold, copper, and gemstones.  Vintage and up-cycled or recycled materials can be really fun, too.    

I have four great daughters and an awesome husband.  I’m an alumnus of The Ohio State University and a constant student of life and the art of jewelry making. 

I hope you drop by now and then.  Please leave comments of your own, too!