I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!  This hat is one of my daughter's favorite Christmas gifts.  Silly hats are all the rage right now.  It's barely been off her head since Christmas morning.  Normally it's not over her face but we try not to put her photo online :-) and anyway this does make quite a picture...  If you don't recognize Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz then you should really catch an episode of Phineas and Ferb.  It's one of the few cartoons I would watch even without children. 
We are all pretty excited about our new ten gallon freshwater aquarium.  If you look closely you might see our pinkish betta hiding on the left edge.  There are also two little danios but I don't see them in the photo.  We're told we can't add more fish until the water finishes cycling in 3-4 weeks.  I had never heard of that but we are reading up and learning fast.  Then there will be a ton of fishy requirements to consider.  Those little suckers are picky about their environment and don't always get along.  We want a happy, peaceful tank. Anyway, these three are fun to watch and we can't wait to get more.
_During the year I usually tuck away some jewelry that my kids really liked, pretend they are sold, and then give them at Christmas.  I think they are catching on because they're getting good at dropping hints :-)  So Lindsay got the first piece pictured below, and Michelle got the second one...  I can't find a photo of the one Kathy got.
By the way, I'm really enjoying the books I won from Lark.  Since I'm taking a (hopefully short) reluctant break from jewelry making, the books are keeping me on track.  They are all above my laptop for inspiration.  I'm expecting to start posting new pieces again in mid-January, though. Fingers crossed.
And of course here is my fav pic from the holidays, my new grandson Brendan's very first Christmas...
Best wishes to all, and have a very happy New Year!!
As I described in my last post, I'm having symptoms in my hands and wrists preventing me from doing much jewelry making at the moment.  Carpal tunnel is confirmed in both hands along with two pinched nerves in my neck.  Yesterday's physical made me slightly less optimistic since my doctor reminded me that I had bone spurs identified in my neck in 2008, so the next step is an MRI to determine if they've become a factor.  I also have a Cleveland Clinic appointment on Jan 4.

I would not be pleased if I were told to switch professions, I can tell you that.

So on to an interesting cosmic question... recently I entered a drawing for 38 jewelry-making books by Lark Books.  It was just on a whim (since I never win anything) after seeing a link posted by Teresa Masters (wonderful facebook friend and admin of metalsmith.co)  There were 865 entries and I WON.   Here is the evidence -- received yesterday:
So the romantic in me wants to think these came as a message -- don't worry, keep the faith, this is just a little bump in the road and jewelry creation is still my future. 

Silly? Coincidence?  Cosmic something or other?  What do you think?
Yesterday was my usual post day.   Instead I had a nerve conduction study (which is a nice way to describe needles and electric shocks) to confirm carpal tunnel.  So yes, I have kind of a medium case of carpal tunnel in my right hand and mild in my left.  Medium as a description makes me feel just terrible for those with severe cases, because mine seems pretty bad to me.  I can't imagine.  Anyway, as a bonus there are also two pinched nerves in my neck on my left side.  I would have posted after the procedures but trust me, you didn't want me posting while medicated :-)  or actually, maybe you did... it would have been WAY more entertaining!

All this to say, I haven't done much jewelry lately.  But I did make a pendant for my Mom's Christmas gift.  Since she isn't the computer type, I can post it...  and maybe I'll post another photo after its chain is finished.
Now to the important stuff.  Everyone please be sure to have the best Christmas
ever!  I know this will be a great Christmas in my house since the entire family will be here-- including our brand new grandson.  Not only that, but my youngest (who doesn't read my blog, so I can say) will be THRILLED with her first aquarium, which my mom will give her on Christmas morning.  She has been pining away for fish and it's been all I could do to keep her from spending her own piggy bank money on  it.  We got a big castle and sea horse statues to put inside.  I didn't realize how cool that was until we actually shopped for it.  Now I'm as  excited as she will be.  Can't wait!

Enjoy your loved ones and have the very best holidays!
And the winner is....


Her entry number came up using random.org.
Noreen chose the mini-hoop earrings with Aventurine.  Her entry was very kind and fun.  She wrote, "I like all three earrings but I have some of your copper earrings so I am interested in winning the green and silver ones. I like them because they are a combination of sophisticated and whimsical. I know everyone sees different things in an abstract design...the whimsical impression I see chubby little dancers in puffy green bubble costumes getting ready drop into a gentle bubble dance on the stage in a local alternative performance space :)"

Noreen, I'll contact you and get your earrings delivered in time for the holidays!
I'm back to posting on Wednesdays now.  Let's start with a new piece.  Actually I did the wire work about two years ago but used a glass focal bead; I must not have liked it much because it's been in a drawer.  Then recently I found a vintage necklace with beautiful teardrop gemstones and knew one of those beads belonged in this necklace.   It can come out of the drawer now ;-)
If you've been reading, you know I just did Columbus Winterfair 2011.  Some of the pieces I sold are pictured here (play slideshow or scroll down thumbnails.)   These are just the photos I could easily find this morning, so it's just a sampling.
It was my first big show and oh my gosh, did I learn a lot.  The artists in adjoining booths were all awesome, super experienced, and generous with tips / advice.  What a great experience and I sold a LOT.  The visitors couldn't have been nicer.  Special thanks to friends who visited!! 

And of course, two days before the show my first grandchild was born.  It was a little distracting :-)  I think I showed this photo to a couple (million) customers...


Holiday Giveaway:  Don't forget to enter my holiday giveaway by Dec 11th.  The winner will choose from three pairs of earrings.   It's easy as pie -- click here for instructions.

Meet Brenden, my first grandchild, born yesterday!  Best photo of the countdown don't you think?  He is SO sweet.
And since I promised, this is my last piece of jewelry for the countdown.  It will be at the show but I'll bet you can guess I didn't make it today...  something else came up!  ;-)
Columbus Winterfair 2011

Come see me in booth #1005!
Dec 2-4, 2011  [Fri/Sat 10-8, Sun 12-5]

Ohio Expo Center, Ohio State Fairgrounds
717 E. 17th Ave.
, Columbus OH