Happy New Year, everyone!

Since I am still on a short jewelry-making break, I thought it would be fun to show you some Christmas ornaments I made years ago.  These were for my first tree in my first house, and many of them were made while I was expecting Michelle, my first child. 

I wasn't making jewelry yet, but these ornaments definitely helped set me on a path leading to jewelry design.
I realize it's after Christmas, BUT the reason it's perfect to share on New Year's Day is because I photographed them WHILE PUTTING THEM AWAY.  Yes, Christmas got packed up today at my house.  Good start for a couple of my top 2012 New Year's resolutions... get organized and don't procrastinate!
__They are styrofoam balls are covered with fabric, trims, pinned beads, and my favorite magic ingredient -- vintage jewelry parts.  Vintage WAY back then, so triple vintage now.  The kids all had their various favorites, but they all agreed on one thing -- the WORST one.  Scroll down to the very last ball, the one affectionately named "DorfBall" by my sweet little children.  Every year we would hang our ornaments together, and they would trick the littlest sister into hanging the DorfBall... the one no one else wanted to hang. With four sisters, they all got their turn before wising up.

Over the years, the kids and I have made lots of different ornaments for our tree.  We only hang candy canes and handmade ornaments.  It's been a fun rule.  These are some that the kids made:
And these are two that Michelle made for me later, when she was older.  Pretty sweet.
This is my Wednesday post a couple days early.  Everyone have a wonderful 2012!!