This is my 2012 wrap-up video, just finished this morning.  
If you're seeing a blurry thumbnail it should update at some point, when Youtube gets around to it.  Here is some of the video description: (blog: SueLacy Wired.)  These are selections of my foldform work from the year 2012.  Foldforming is a metal technique developed by world renowned goldsmith and educator, Charles Lewton-Brain. The technique results in three dimensional organic designs. 

I’m fortunate to have learned foldforming from Charles at the Center for Metal Arts in Florida, New York.  He visits annually to offer a 4-day conference / workshop that is simply off the charts.  The next one is Aug 2-5, 2013; for information contact .  Seating is limited but I don’t mind sharing the news since my seat is already reserved.  Can’t wait-- this will be my third visit!  

I was the official live blogger of the 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference in 2012.  If you’d like the insider’s view to last year’s shindigs, here you go… press your nose up to the studio glass and catch some precious moments. .  

Metal artists:  The annual Lewton-Brain Foldform Award competition coincides with the conference each year.  If you want to compete, stay tuned to for this year’s details.  View this video to see the 2012 results: 

Over the past couple years I’ve worked with Charles and Center for Metal Arts to build community around foldforming.  Visit the public Facebook page at  Or if you are a metalsmith join us at Foldforming Central, a specialty group for metalsmiths around the world at .  (Contact me directly via Facebook to request membership if your profile doesn’t show your metal work.)

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Sue Lacy / Jewelry artist, metalsmith, and community organizer

Hey my thumb is all healed up, so I'm finally ready to start on 2013 metal projects.  Yay!
I've been wanting to try out some larger objects in foldforming.  Maybe get into a little sculpture, etc.  This is a bit bigger although just baby steps.  Still working out the logistics of larger scale.
And back to jewelry.
We'll be away for the weekend so no studio time for a few days.  Oh well, it will just be all that much more fun when I'm back to it.  Enjoy your week!
Here's my early New Year's resolution -- getting back to weekly posts.  I've been crazy busy with holiday shows and got way off the blog track.  The biggest shows are behind me now though, and it's time to get back online!!  These are a few of the cuffs I've made recently.
Still nicely busy but having loads of fun and hope you are too.  Meet me back here next week ok?
Winners of the inaugural Lewton-Brain Foldform Competition were announced on Aug 6, 2012 at the 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference hosted by the Center for Metal Arts in downstate, New York. This video showcases the winning entries and also twenty Jurors' Choice pieces selected from among the hundreds of entries submitted by artists around the world. 

"It is wonderful to see the beautiful objects and new developments in foldforming that are occurring. The pieces here represent the best of what is being created today using foldforming." - Charles Lewton-Brain 

Jurors:  Charles Lewton-Brain, Tim McCreight, Ed Mack.

Competition Winners 
First place: "Undersea Candelabra" by Rauni Higson; Second place:  "Spiritus" by Theresa Nguyen; Third place:  "Quadrant" by Kaiya Rainbolt; Honorable Mention:  "Pleated Silver Drinking Set" by Grant McCaig.

Jurors' Choice featured artists 
Alison Antelman, Melody Armstrong, Peter Danilo, Christine Finch, Deborah Jemmott, Sue Lacy, Evelyn Markasky, Theresa Nguyen, Aimee Petkus, Judith Renstrom, Anna Robinson, George Sawyer, Brad Severtson, Lyn Stoll, Patricia Tschetter, Paul Wells, Anne Wolf.

The annual competition is open to artists everywhere and coincides with the Charles Lewton-Brain Conference on Foldforming.  Both are hosted by Center for Metal Arts in downstate, New York.  Visit for more information and visit this SueLacy Wired post for an extensive live blog documenting the 2012 conference in text, photos, and video. 

If you work with metal and would like to join the official Foldforming group on Facebook, visit here: .  (If your public Facebook profile does not reflect your involvement with metal, please message me with details.) 

Today is my daughter Kathy's birthday.  This copper and sterling silver flower pendant, corrugated earrings, and foldform cuff are all for her.  I am so delighted how the patina turned out :-)  Anyhow, I held this post until after the birthday celebration.  Fun evening!!
Happy birthday, Kathy!! :-)
This past Saturday, I was invited to briefly visit Quadstate Conference 2012, a massive blacksmiths conference put on in Troy, OH by Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil (SOFA).  This was my first time attending any sort of blacksmith function at all, let alone a huge conference like this one.  I was so grateful to be able to duck in as a guest to see what these shindigs are all about.  

Man, was I impressed.  Demos going on all the time... a ton of great tools for sale... a gallery full of absolutely beautiful work by attendees... and the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.  

You can bet that next year I'll sign up for the weekend pass.  If you're anywhere in the midwest and you're crazy for this kind of stuff like I am, then you'd better put it on your radar for next year, too.

The gallery, oh my

I know you want a peek at the beautiful work in the gallery, but I warn you -- it will make you hungry for a ticket next year!

Let's start by highlighting the absolutely gorgeous pieces made by the team of John W. Steel and Chris Holt.  I am very lucky to be able to call these two my friends!  You can find them at the conference or at   
Bowl by John Steel and Chris Holt
Mirror by John Steel and Chris Holt
I love that shot of John in the mirror :-) 

OK, fasten your seat belts... this one can only be presented with a video.  It's a simply amazing piece of hand crafting by Barry Wheeler.  Enjoy... and try to imagine creating that shoe by hand!
Barry Wheeler with his amazing shoe
And a few more shots of some great work displayed in the conference gallery this weekend.  Once you click on the first one, you can cycle through them with your right arrow key.
Blacksmiths landing on this page may also be interested in foldforming.  
Check out this index page leading to detailed posts about the recent Charles Lewton-Brain conference on Foldforming.  It contains a wealth of pics, video, and a student's view (mine) of that amazing conference.   

And this is the official foldforming group on Facebook created especially for metalsmiths and blacksmiths interested in foldforming: .  If your Facebook page reflects your metal interests, I will approve your application to join.  If it doesn't, message me (or comment on this post) to fill me in on your metal related work.   

Please check us out!

Again, Quadstate Conference is presented by Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil.  Maybe I'll see you there next year!
Where can you find me?  Thought I'd share.
Things are getting interesting.   

2012 End-of-year Schedule


Find SueLacy Designs at Tuttle Mall beginning Oct 1, 2012 at Simply Vague 

....All Ohio made goods...Buy local!!...

...Stay tuned,I may be in one more store depending on how much gets done
in the next week or so.   

What's up in the workshop lately?

It's been a busy week.  These are some of the cuffs I've been working on -- finished ones to the left, and a pile of just-started ones to the right.  There is also a half finished foldform pendant underway, a big one that is turning out super cool; will try to post it next week.
I also HAVE to share my latest thrift store find.  This monster vise was TEN BUCKS.  OMG.
So. Much. Fun.
My friend Emily will receive this necklace (and a couple of other trinkets) in a few days as a thank you for being such a wonderful friend.  This piece is a little bit different than anything I've done, thanks to Emily.  I was really trying to come up with something new, inspired by her complete and total love of life.  Hope she likes it.
The flower portion of this foldform pendant is a Heistad Cup.  The main pieces are copper, soldered together and then fumed for a couple days to grow a nice blue/green patina.  The wire work is sterling silver and the gemstones are Aventurine.  It's on 24" long copper chain.  

Thanks to my sweet daughter Kathy for modeling :-)
I was very fortunate to attend the 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference this year, August 3-6, 2012, at the Center for Metal Arts in downstate, New York.  Having attended last year too, I knew how special the event would be.  So I resolved to try and capture it through my blog, and share the magic with those who couldn't make it this year.  

Here's the thing.  Consider your favorite sight-seeing vacation, ever.  Maybe you strolled on a beach looking out into a vast blue ocean... or stood in the valley of a sweeping mountain range... or enjoyed a beautiful city skyline from the perfect vantage point.  Even while you're still pulling the camera out of its case, you already know your images will never capture more than a small fraction of the true experience.

And so it is with the conference.  After all, this is Charles Lewton-Brain.  There is so much that just couldn't be captured.  So take this for what it's worth-- an appetizer -- and consider attending next year.  

Index of SueLacy Wired Blog Post Links, August 2012  
Topic:  5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference

11/28/2012: 2012 Foldform Competition Video
Winners and twenty Jurors' Choice notable submissions selected from hundreds of entries (video)

8/31/2012:  The entire August archive
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8/30/2012:  Blog INDEX for 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference (this page)
Hot-linked list of all my conference posts, info re: next year's conference, joining our Facebook group. Here is a shortened link to save or share: 

 How to start a foldform boat fold
Charles begins a basic boat fold, the jumping off point for countless boat variations (video)

8/26/2012:  If it's not pretty yet
Charles opens a beautiful star fold variation (video)

8/23/2012: Quotes from conference attendees and live blog readers
What are people saying about the conference?

8/22/2012: My first green patina experiment
Detailed instructions for ammonia fuming with hydrogen peroxide, based on Charles' patina demo.

8/17/2012:  When is metal annealed?
Annealing demonstration (video)

8/15/2012:   The unofficial CLB conference agenda
How the conference unfolded, based on one student's notes.

8/15/2012:  Our foldforming group on Facebook
The official group on Facebook gets a nod (video)

8/12/2012:  Next year's conference and a video clip
About next year's conference, and demo re: shorter leg length = more curvature (video) 

8/8/2012:  Live blog giveaway results
Which three lucky live-blog readers won a sample piece made by CLB?

8/7/2012:  Day Four catch-up
Demo reviews, Harbor Freight field trip, folds derived from paper models.

8/7/2012:  2012 Lewton-Brain Foldform Award Winners 
Photos and artist statements.  The work is simply breathtaking.

8/7/2012:  Day 4 of the 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference
Unable to live blog / placeholder.

8/6/2012: Giveaway prizes from Charles
Prizes for the SueLacy Wired live-blog readers and meet the blogger

8/6/2012: Opening a boat fold
How to open a fold using lever action (video)

8/6/2012:  Hands-on Day 3
Students and their work; collage of evening outing fun.

8/6/2012:  Cross folds
Photos of demonstrated cross fold variations.

8/5/2012:  Boat folds and books
Photos of demonstrated boat fold variations and a list of recommended reading from Charles.

8/5/2012:  Center for Metal Arts and giveaway reminder
Big thank you to our hosts, Center for Metal Arts.

8/5/2012:  Hands-on time day 2 and a bowl
Students and their work; making a bowl with wedge T-folds (video)

8/5/2012:  Hammers for foldforming
Correct hammer shape and Charles modifying a hammer (video)

8/5/2012:  Early afternoon day 2
Wedge t-folds, table inserts, Romero fold, t-fold/chased-on-air combo, and scoring/bending. 

8/4/2012:  The morning of day two
Patina demo, rolled folds, T-folds, chasing tools lecture.

8/4/2012:  Dinner and screening of competition entries
A few pics from a lovely evening.

8/4/2012:  Demonstrating a star fold
Hammering a star fold variation (video)

8/4/2012:  Hands on time
Students and their work. 

8/4/2012:  Star folds and pleats day 1.
Star fold variations and pleats demonstrated.

8/3/2012:  The first morning
Lots covered including basic concepts and demos of line folds, rolled folds; Bench Tricks lecture.

8/3/2012:  Giveaway info
A quick update on the live-blog giveaway.

8/3/2012: Introductions at CLB conference
Must see photos of Center for Metal Arts and its showroom / museum.

8/2/2012:  Live Blog Info for 2012 Charles Lewton-Brain Conference
What to expect of the live-blog and how to view posts.


Next year's conference

If you want to get an email notice about the DATE FOR NEXT YEAR'S CONFERENCE, email with "CLB 2013" in the subject line.

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Last year I learned to make a basic boat fold during hands-on time at the CLB workshop.  When I got home, though, I had a little trouble with it.  This clip would have been a helpful memory trigger.  Note that the boat begins with a loop of metal inserted into the vise like a wedge T-fold.

The boat fold is a base form (like the star) that has a bunch of variations.   If you want to see some variations, here is the live-blog boat fold post from the conference.  

For step-by-step instructions  you can also check out page 95 of Foldforming by Charles Lewton-Brain or go online here.  
foldforming, Charles Lewton-Brain, boat fold
Basic boat fold
It really helped me to see the process in action, though; especially how the initial shape is made with the vise -- and how the rocking motion needs to look while you hammer. 

For more on the 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference

August is coming to a close soon.  I'll have one more post to wrap things up on the conference.  It will include links to each conference-related post with a short description.   In the meantime, this is how to read all about it!

SueLacy Wired blog
August 2012 on SueLacy Wired is dedicated to the foldforming conference that took place Aug 3-6.  

Click here to view the entire series.
Eva Sherman Designs blog
Check out Eva's blog for another take on the conference. Click here for her August 2012 archive and scroll down to see all her great posts. 

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