This past Saturday, I was invited to briefly visit Quadstate Conference 2012, a massive blacksmiths conference put on in Troy, OH by Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil (SOFA).  This was my first time attending any sort of blacksmith function at all, let alone a huge conference like this one.  I was so grateful to be able to duck in as a guest to see what these shindigs are all about.  

Man, was I impressed.  Demos going on all the time... a ton of great tools for sale... a gallery full of absolutely beautiful work by attendees... and the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.  

You can bet that next year I'll sign up for the weekend pass.  If you're anywhere in the midwest and you're crazy for this kind of stuff like I am, then you'd better put it on your radar for next year, too.

The gallery, oh my

I know you want a peek at the beautiful work in the gallery, but I warn you -- it will make you hungry for a ticket next year!

Let's start by highlighting the absolutely gorgeous pieces made by the team of John W. Steel and Chris Holt.  I am very lucky to be able to call these two my friends!  You can find them at the conference or at   
Bowl by John Steel and Chris Holt
Mirror by John Steel and Chris Holt
I love that shot of John in the mirror :-) 

OK, fasten your seat belts... this one can only be presented with a video.  It's a simply amazing piece of hand crafting by Barry Wheeler.  Enjoy... and try to imagine creating that shoe by hand!
Barry Wheeler with his amazing shoe
And a few more shots of some great work displayed in the conference gallery this weekend.  Once you click on the first one, you can cycle through them with your right arrow key.
Blacksmiths landing on this page may also be interested in foldforming.  
Check out this index page leading to detailed posts about the recent Charles Lewton-Brain conference on Foldforming.  It contains a wealth of pics, video, and a student's view (mine) of that amazing conference.   

And this is the official foldforming group on Facebook created especially for metalsmiths and blacksmiths interested in foldforming: .  If your Facebook page reflects your metal interests, I will approve your application to join.  If it doesn't, message me (or comment on this post) to fill me in on your metal related work.   

Please check us out!

Again, Quadstate Conference is presented by Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil.  Maybe I'll see you there next year!
Where can you find me?  Thought I'd share.
Things are getting interesting.   

2012 End-of-year Schedule


Find SueLacy Designs at Tuttle Mall beginning Oct 1, 2012 at Simply Vague 

....All Ohio made goods...Buy local!!...

...Stay tuned,I may be in one more store depending on how much gets done
in the next week or so.   

What's up in the workshop lately?

It's been a busy week.  These are some of the cuffs I've been working on -- finished ones to the left, and a pile of just-started ones to the right.  There is also a half finished foldform pendant underway, a big one that is turning out super cool; will try to post it next week.
I also HAVE to share my latest thrift store find.  This monster vise was TEN BUCKS.  OMG.
So. Much. Fun.
My friend Emily will receive this necklace (and a couple of other trinkets) in a few days as a thank you for being such a wonderful friend.  This piece is a little bit different than anything I've done, thanks to Emily.  I was really trying to come up with something new, inspired by her complete and total love of life.  Hope she likes it.
The flower portion of this foldform pendant is a Heistad Cup.  The main pieces are copper, soldered together and then fumed for a couple days to grow a nice blue/green patina.  The wire work is sterling silver and the gemstones are Aventurine.  It's on 24" long copper chain.  

Thanks to my sweet daughter Kathy for modeling :-)
Yeah that was probably too long for a blog post title., here I come.  But guess what?  I'm the official live blogger for the 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference!!!!!!

Maybe I'm a little excited :-D

LIVE BLOG AUG 3-6, right here on SueLacy Wired! 
Can't make it to the 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference?  Keep tabs on it right here on SueLacy Wired.  I've been asked to live-blog the event-- woohoo!  As a returning student, I will make time to share what's going on, snap some great photos, and try to include some video snippets too.  My next post will give you more details.   

For more info about the conference, check out the Center for Metal Arts web site.  They'll have a note about the live blog soon, too.

Last year's students learn about foldforming from its inventor, Charles Lewton-Brain.
What have I been up to this week?  Well, about that.  Grrr

Cuffs, cuffs, cuff... they are so much fun to make.  Recently it occurred to me that I almost never plan a cuff.  Literally, I often pick up a sheet of copper with no idea where it's going.  There must be a big piece of my brain operating under my radar because next thing I know, I'm banging away.  Kind of freaks me out.

Since that seems like a weakness rather than a strength, I sat down with pencil and paper to plan out some cuffs.  Because I so admire and envy all you artists with your little sketch books filled with ideas.

Instant brain freeze.  Jeesh.

So I decided to peruse my cuff photos to get things going again.  It seemed like a good idea to collect a bunch into a collage for future reference.  And that's where I stand at the moment -- with a collage but no new cuff this week.  LOL.  Might as well share the collage.
On a positive note...

I did finish up a made-to-order, wire-wrapped Tree of Life this week.  It's fine silver, amethyst, and peridot -- very nice combination!    I like making these by request because it's always fun to see new colors unfold.  I seem to tweak the frame design a bit every time.  But I try to make just one every month or two, to keep it fresh and fun.  Trees should not be tedious ;-)
OK.  That's it for this week but come back to hear all about the 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference!  I'll start one monster post and keep adding to it all four days, Aug 3-6.

Do you want to learn foldforming from Charles Lewton-Brain, its inventor?  He will be at Center for Metal Arts Aug 3-6.  I'll be there again this year... why not you too?  Click here for the invitation or leave me a comment and I'll hook you up.   Still not sure?  This video will give you a little taste...  ***And here's a new development -- for a special discount, say that Sue Lacy sent you!  

If you're local to Columbus and plan to visit the Columbus Arts Festival this weekend, look for me tomorrow at 3p.m. in the Big Local Art Tent where I'll be doing a foldforming demo.  The tent is located near the corner of 2nd and Main and I'll be there for just under an hour.  (When you click the Big Local Art Tent link, the demo will be called "form folding."  Just saw that.  Common mistake...)

These are my demo samples:
This week I have something a different to show you.

I used to play guitar a little bit.  In fact, I was pretty into it in high school.  After that I'd dust off the guitar every five years or so and re-learn how to play.  Don't do too much math there; the statement alone makes me sound old enough.  Anyway, maybe it's time again.  

These copper guitar picks were just plain fun.  They are corrugated with a bit of foldforming thrown in.  I made a few that are hand-stamped, too, and they're cool -- but if you know me at all, you know these are the ones that make me happy :-)  
Very early Monday morning, I'll be on a plane to Denver.  I will try to post from there next week.  I've been looking forward to this trip for months, and I'll tell you why next time.   
In case you missed it, Katie Thompson was the giveaway winner for the March One-a-day challenge.  She chose this piece and I shipped it on April 2, so she might have it by now:
Katie is so sweet.  She said, "Thank you so, so much! I am blown away! March 9th's necklace caught my eye right away, and I would be so honored to wear it! Really, it is just such a great design, your eye follows the ripples, it's like looking down on sand dunes and makes me think of far-off places :) I also like the way that part of it casts small shadows on itself while the rest is so bright. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us!"  

That made my day :-)

In other news...

Mineral, Fossil, Gem, and Jewelry show
A couple of my pieces will be on display this weekend April 7-8 at the Mineral, Fossil, Gem, and Jewelry Show.  They will be part of a display to promote the Cultural Arts Center here in Columbus.  Unfortunately I'll be out of town, so I won't see them.  These are the ones:
I've made a few new bangle bracelets but I can't locate my camera right now.  Maybe I'll post them next week.  The camera is probably right here somewhere, but you should see this studio.  Time for cleanup.  

New foldforming group page
I started a new Facebook group for foldforming yesterday 4/3/2012.  The new timeline layout on Facebook made our original page pretty unworkable.  The group page format is so much better.  Here we are just one day later and the group has 87 members.  Not bad!!  If you are a metalsmith with an interest in foldforming, join us in the new group! 
And the winner is....


Her entry number came up using
Noreen chose the mini-hoop earrings with Aventurine.  Her entry was very kind and fun.  She wrote, "I like all three earrings but I have some of your copper earrings so I am interested in winning the green and silver ones. I like them because they are a combination of sophisticated and whimsical. I know everyone sees different things in an abstract design...the whimsical impression I see chubby little dancers in puffy green bubble costumes getting ready drop into a gentle bubble dance on the stage in a local alternative performance space :)"

Noreen, I'll contact you and get your earrings delivered in time for the holidays!
I'm back to posting on Wednesdays now.  Let's start with a new piece.  Actually I did the wire work about two years ago but used a glass focal bead; I must not have liked it much because it's been in a drawer.  Then recently I found a vintage necklace with beautiful teardrop gemstones and knew one of those beads belonged in this necklace.   It can come out of the drawer now ;-)
If you've been reading, you know I just did Columbus Winterfair 2011.  Some of the pieces I sold are pictured here (play slideshow or scroll down thumbnails.)   These are just the photos I could easily find this morning, so it's just a sampling.
It was my first big show and oh my gosh, did I learn a lot.  The artists in adjoining booths were all awesome, super experienced, and generous with tips / advice.  What a great experience and I sold a LOT.  The visitors couldn't have been nicer.  Special thanks to friends who visited!! 

And of course, two days before the show my first grandchild was born.  It was a little distracting :-)  I think I showed this photo to a couple (million) customers...


Holiday Giveaway:  Don't forget to enter my holiday giveaway by Dec 11th.  The winner will choose from three pairs of earrings.   It's easy as pie -- click here for instructions.

Meet Brenden, my first grandchild, born yesterday!  Best photo of the countdown don't you think?  He is SO sweet.
And since I promised, this is my last piece of jewelry for the countdown.  It will be at the show but I'll bet you can guess I didn't make it today...  something else came up!  ;-)
Columbus Winterfair 2011

Come see me in booth #1005!
Dec 2-4, 2011  [Fri/Sat 10-8, Sun 12-5]

Ohio Expo Center, Ohio State Fairgrounds
717 E. 17th Ave.
, Columbus OH
A quick post today -- a new fold form bangle.  It's the heaviest copper I've used so far and was much more difficult to hammer and shape, but I like the result.  Unfortunately it's too big for me or I'd keep it!
Columbus Winterfair 2011
Come see me in booth #1005!
Dec 2-4, 2011  [Fri/Sat 10-8, Sun 12-5]
Ohio Expo Center, Ohio State Fairgrounds
717 E. 17th Ave.

Holiday Giveaway:  Don't forget to enter my holiday giveaway by Dec 11th.  The winner will choose from three pairs of earrings.   It's easy as pie -- click here for instructions.