Holiday Giveaway Alert!!

It's time to do a giveaway.

What's in it for me? Your feedback about my jewelry.

What's in it for you? A pair of earrings, YOUR choice, from the three styles pictured below.
  Each pair is valued at $30.  All earring wires and jump rings are sterling silver, also handcrafted.  Keep them yourself or stuff them into a stocking!

To enter:
1. Post a comment on THIS blog post before midnight on December 11th, US ET.
2. Tell me which pair of earrings you would like to win, and WHY.
3. Include your email address with your post.

Please also like my Facebook page,

If you want a second entry:
1. Post another comment on THIS blog post before midnight on December 11th, US ET.
2. Choose your favorite piece of my jewelry. Pick any piece that I've ever posted on my blog.
3. In your comment, describe the piece in your own words and include a link to the blog post that features it. 
4. In your comment, tell me WHY you like it or what makes it special to you.
5. Include your email address with your post.

The drawing
On December 12th, I'll draw a random name from among those who commented. Your
name will be assigned a number (chronologically, based on comment order) and the winning number will be generated from

If you are outside the U.S., I welcome your entries but will need to charge shipping if it's higher than U.S. postage.

Other news this week
Talk about neglect!  I don't remember the last time I updated my Gallery Photos page.  I spent today cleaning out, updating, and organizing it.  Please take a look when you have a minute.

My awesome daughter Kathy let me snap some pics this week.  Here she is modeling some recent pieces.  Kathy makes my jewelry look great, doesn't she?   :-)
I've been working a lot with pennies and nickels for Winterfair.  All the pics above (except for the pendant) are pennies or nickels.  And here is my fav so far -- the chain and clasp are handcrafted of sterling silver, the leaves are fold form pennies, and the ovals are hammered nickels.
Have a great week, and I hope to hear from you!


11/16/2011 10:07pm

I really like the dark silver ones because of the use of texture and mixed metal.

Dinah Burns
11/16/2011 11:57pm

i love the "copper leaves" for my daughter, Katie Ehlen Thompson, as they would go beautifully with a necklace I bought her in Colorado. She is also so appreciative of your work! Good luck with your venture!

Dinah Burns

Dinah Burns
11/16/2011 11:59pm

oh my gosh you have the necklace to go with the earrings!!!! What a great pairing and gift. How do I order online???

11/17/2011 1:15pm

Ok...Now I'm even more impressed and like the "penny" ones since I know what they're made from. Had to change my "wish".
I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you paired the pieces for the necklace.

11/19/2011 6:33pm

Hi Dinah and Kellie, thanks for the nice nice comments!

Dinah, I don't have the necklace in my Etsy store but I tried to email you some info. The email I have for you bounced, though. Can you contact me at

You will both have a drawing entry, and good luck!


11/20/2011 4:32pm

Darn it!! I have avoided Facebook like the plague and Fold Forming's dragging me into it!! LOL
I've just started working with metals ( found object jewelry's been my forte..up til now) and am dying to do Fold Forming. LOVE your work!

11/20/2011 7:19pm

Hi Ellen, thanks so much! I know what you mean, I fell in love with fold forming when I saw it. Have you been to our fold forming facebook page then? If not please join us there and post your work when you have some (finished pieces, practice, whatever you like.)

I visited your blog and have to say I'm SO envious of your antique road trips! It looks like tons of fun and you are finding some great stuff :)

Kris Truthan
11/22/2011 5:18pm

I am constantly amazed at the things you make, I have been from the time you first started making things. SO much talent, I'm glad you discovered this was all within you! I like ALL of 3 and would wear all of them but the leaves are my favorites. When trying to decided about new jewelry, clothing, etc I always ask myself...when I reach in my closet (or jewelry box) would I grab this "thing". If the answer is no I leave it. The answer is yes for all 3 of these earrings. Good luck at Winter Fair! KMT

11/22/2011 8:06pm

Oh Kris, you are the awesome-est. Thanks for saying such nice things. I read your comment three times :) it made me smile, that's for sure.

11/26/2011 8:39pm

I like the ones made from nickels. I love that texture and shape.

Hope your Winter Fair show is great.

11/27/2011 10:58pm

I love your work Sue...I'd be happy with any of the earrings....I think I like the ones in the middle made out of pennies....

Best of luck at the Winter Fair...When is it?

11/28/2011 6:37am

Great stuff Sue. All three are lovely, but I think my favorite are the ones in the middle made out of pennies. Good Luck at winter fair.

11/28/2011 9:50am

I love all three, but the two made from coins are my favorite, maybe just because the green stone is so summery and it's winter now.

I like them because they are sort of eco friendly, and they have an interesting story. The nickel ones are a little long for me, so I would go for the pennies myself, because I'd wear those most often, I think.

11/28/2011 7:41pm

i'm a member of etc! i LOVE that you make these out of coins! i'm so impressed by that idea.

my fave pair is #1 b/c i love that color of blue and they're a bit smaller than the other two. I like smaller earrings. :) Liked you on fb.

11/28/2011 7:45pm

Those nickel earrings are fantastic! I love that they're speckled -- like a cross between a robin's egg and 5 cents!

11/28/2011 9:28pm

Leslie, Amy, Martina, Dana, Nikki, and Lindsay, thanks for your entries and all the nice comments. It's great to see friends and ETC team members here!

Amy, this is where/when:
Columbus Winterfair 2011, Booth #1005
Dec 2-4, 2011 [Fri/Sat 10-8, Sun 12-5]
Ohio Expo Center, Ohio State Fairgrounds
717 E. 7th Ave.

Noreen Warnock
11/29/2011 11:57am

I like all three earrings but I have some of your copper earrings so I am interested in winning the green and silver ones. I like them because they are a combination of sophisticated and whimsical. I know everyone sees different things in an abstract design...the whimsical impression I see chubby little dancers in puffy green bubble costumes getting ready drop into a gentle bubble dance on the stage in a local alternative performance space :)

11/29/2011 1:20pm

I love the 3rd pair, so pretty!

11/29/2011 11:45pm

Sue,All of them are lovely and I am so psyched for you making it to Winter Fair. I hope it is a wonderful experience for you and you get LOTS of sales!! I love the nickle earrings cause I love all that you do with coins. I think this jewelry is so cool and I love the effect you get with working with the coins. Good luck this weekend!!!

Julie Eicken
11/30/2011 10:14am

Sue,Your designs are all great! I especially like the ones you made with nickels - very clever.

11/30/2011 6:41pm

Noreen, Melanie, Vicki, and Julie, thanks for your nice comments!! I really appreciate it. Noreen -- oh my gosh, I love your description! :o)

12/01/2011 2:44pm

I would LOVE the nickel earrings - because they remind me of me grandpa who always gave me nickels!

12/02/2011 10:03pm

Hi Joy, you're entered and I love your reason!

12/03/2011 5:21pm

I so enjoyed meeting you yesterday at Winterfair. Hope it was a great show for you. I am a collector of buffalo nickels and would love to win the nickel earrings!!(from one new grandma to another, your jewelry keeps us young) it!!

12/03/2011 11:01pm

Hi Deb, yes the show has been great and I've enjoyed meeting wonderful people like you. Yay grandma's :-) You're entered, and thanks for the nice comments!

12/06/2011 12:20am

I love the copper leaves made from pennies. You've taken something ordinary and turned it into something beautiful. I love it when I see that happen.

12/06/2011 4:52pm

Thanks so much, Anita! What a nice thing to say. You're entered :)

04/17/2012 4:00am

a Creative design,
yes,it's my Favorites

04/17/2012 4:01am

wo,these crystal jewelry is so perfect and Gorgeous

05/09/2012 3:45am

Well, they are so fashion and beautiful,I love them.:)

01/13/2013 9:14am

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