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Yesterday was my usual post day.   Instead I had a nerve conduction study (which is a nice way to describe needles and electric shocks) to confirm carpal tunnel.  So yes, I have kind of a medium case of carpal tunnel in my right hand and mild in my left.  Medium as a description makes me feel just terrible for those with severe cases, because mine seems pretty bad to me.  I can't imagine.  Anyway, as a bonus there are also two pinched nerves in my neck on my left side.  I would have posted after the procedures but trust me, you didn't want me posting while medicated :-)  or actually, maybe you did... it would have been WAY more entertaining!

All this to say, I haven't done much jewelry lately.  But I did make a pendant for my Mom's Christmas gift.  Since she isn't the computer type, I can post it...  and maybe I'll post another photo after its chain is finished.
Now to the important stuff.  Everyone please be sure to have the best Christmas
ever!  I know this will be a great Christmas in my house since the entire family will be here-- including our brand new grandson.  Not only that, but my youngest (who doesn't read my blog, so I can say) will be THRILLED with her first aquarium, which my mom will give her on Christmas morning.  She has been pining away for fish and it's been all I could do to keep her from spending her own piggy bank money on  it.  We got a big castle and sea horse statues to put inside.  I didn't realize how cool that was until we actually shopped for it.  Now I'm as  excited as she will be.  Can't wait!

Enjoy your loved ones and have the very best holidays!


12/22/2011 1:48pm

Take care and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

12/23/2011 1:03pm

Thanks and you too! And I absolutely love your new cuff at



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