It was fun to design a pendant for such a pretty piece of turquoise.  It's made of recycled, hand stamped sterling silver with a foldform copper bale.
Yesterday I promised a story...

Harry Reminick, memories and inspiration

My Uncle Harry lived in San Diego, CA while I was growing up in Cleveland, OH.  He would fly back to Ohio every couple of years to visit family.  It wasn’t nearly often enough, but when he did, it was a big event.

Uncle Harry was everyone’s favorite relative.  He was fun and funny, outdoorsy and creative.  He was a kind, gentle peacemaker; the type to carry a spider safely out of the house.  In fact I remember him rescuing a few from me.   He was an artist – sculpture, painting, a bit of jewelry – and worked for the San Diego Art Museum.  The profession seemed surreal to me and unbelievably cool.  I enjoyed his penchant for sharing art and culture with the family.  He helped shape the way I see the world today.
I was recently delighted to find a poster by my uncle that’s out of copyright and currently available for sale at various poster supply houses.  I didn't know he had made it into pop culture!  As part of the Works Project Administration's Federal Art Project (FAP), he was commissioned to create a poster for the theatre production of the Emperor’s New Clothes. 
"The WPA's Federal Art Project ... brought the avant-garde into small-town America, and started an aesthetic revolution ...  FAP employed 5,000 artists across the country... They created murals, sculptures and paintings, taught community art classes to millions, and produced 2 million posters from 35,000 designs..."  (Civilization Magazine, Apr/May 1997) 

A Library of Congress (LC) write-up features 16 of those posters, one of which is his.  The LC record for it is here.  The piece is dated Sep 7, 1937, so he was just 24 years old at the time.  
Harry Reminick Sep 7, 1937
These beautiful pieces of jewelry were created by Harry Reminick over the years too, and are my keepsakes to remember him by:
I love owning these few pieces of his jewelry and I often wonder what he might say about mine.  I have a long way to go, but I think he would be pleased to see me working at it.

Although he is long gone, I still feel close to him as I enjoy things he shared with me.  Listening to the Nutcracker Suite.  Reading Desiderata (attached for your enjoyment.)   Watching birds at my backyard feeder.  Last winter I was able to visit the San Diego Art Museum and stand inside the place he worked for so long.  It was a nice little connection across the years.  

Harry Reminick
1913 - 1981


03/30/2012 6:13pm

Day 30 is gorgeous, love the combination of materials.
And the story about your uncle was inspiring. I think he would be very proud of your work.

03/30/2012 9:30pm

Thanks so much, Sharon. It's sweet of you to comment. I really appreciate it.

03/30/2012 9:37pm

It's very touching to hear you relate about your uncle and see you carrying on in his spirit but with your own vision. Also, the leather, silver, copper and turquoise of this! I'm so glad you didn't put that on a chain! The whole thing is so earthy and appealing. It speaks of symbiosis in nature and art. I'm tres impressed :o)

03/31/2012 10:34am

Karla, I'm glad you like the piece! Thank you so very much for your support and nice words :-)

03/31/2012 7:50am

What a great post! I really wish I could have met Uncle Harry, and I'm sure he'd be proud to see you following your dream in art.

03/31/2012 4:43pm

Oh gosh Michelle, if I had a time machine I'd take you back to meet him. He would love you girls.

Amy Belillove
03/31/2012 10:54am

Beautiful, the piece, the story, Desiderata. Very moving.

03/31/2012 4:41pm

Thank you, Amy. It's nice to have connected with you again and to share memories :-)

03/31/2012 11:40am

disclaimer: Sue is my talented mother

What cool family history! I went to the library this morning and found Uncle Harry in the "Who was Who in American Art from 1564 to 1975" . He was obviously a talented and respected artist, and I'm proud to be in a family with so many of those!

03/31/2012 4:51pm

lol disclaimer: Lindsay is one of my awesome daughters!

Lindsay, that is the coolest that you went to the library and found him there. I'm dropping big birthday hints so maybe one of you will get me his poster ;-)


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