I was very fortunate to attend the 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference this year, August 3-6, 2012, at the Center for Metal Arts in downstate, New York.  Having attended last year too, I knew how special the event would be.  So I resolved to try and capture it through my blog, and share the magic with those who couldn't make it this year.  

Here's the thing.  Consider your favorite sight-seeing vacation, ever.  Maybe you strolled on a beach looking out into a vast blue ocean... or stood in the valley of a sweeping mountain range... or enjoyed a beautiful city skyline from the perfect vantage point.  Even while you're still pulling the camera out of its case, you already know your images will never capture more than a small fraction of the true experience.

And so it is with the conference.  After all, this is Charles Lewton-Brain.  There is so much that just couldn't be captured.  So take this for what it's worth-- an appetizer -- and consider attending next year.  

Index of SueLacy Wired Blog Post Links, August 2012  
Topic:  5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference

11/28/2012: 2012 Foldform Competition Video
Winners and twenty Jurors' Choice notable submissions selected from hundreds of entries (video)

8/31/2012:  The entire August archive
To scroll through all the posts in reverse chronological order 

8/30/2012:  Blog INDEX for 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference (this page)
Hot-linked list of all my conference posts, info re: next year's conference, joining our Facebook group. Here is a shortened link to save or share:  http://tinyurl.com/8ore8nh 

 How to start a foldform boat fold
Charles begins a basic boat fold, the jumping off point for countless boat variations (video)

8/26/2012:  If it's not pretty yet
Charles opens a beautiful star fold variation (video)

8/23/2012: Quotes from conference attendees and live blog readers
What are people saying about the conference?

8/22/2012: My first green patina experiment
Detailed instructions for ammonia fuming with hydrogen peroxide, based on Charles' patina demo.

8/17/2012:  When is metal annealed?
Annealing demonstration (video)

8/15/2012:   The unofficial CLB conference agenda
How the conference unfolded, based on one student's notes.

8/15/2012:  Our foldforming group on Facebook
The official group on Facebook gets a nod (video)

8/12/2012:  Next year's conference and a video clip
About next year's conference, and demo re: shorter leg length = more curvature (video) 

8/8/2012:  Live blog giveaway results
Which three lucky live-blog readers won a sample piece made by CLB?

8/7/2012:  Day Four catch-up
Demo reviews, Harbor Freight field trip, folds derived from paper models.

8/7/2012:  2012 Lewton-Brain Foldform Award Winners 
Photos and artist statements.  The work is simply breathtaking.

8/7/2012:  Day 4 of the 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference
Unable to live blog / placeholder.

8/6/2012: Giveaway prizes from Charles
Prizes for the SueLacy Wired live-blog readers and meet the blogger

8/6/2012: Opening a boat fold
How to open a fold using lever action (video)

8/6/2012:  Hands-on Day 3
Students and their work; collage of evening outing fun.

8/6/2012:  Cross folds
Photos of demonstrated cross fold variations.

8/5/2012:  Boat folds and books
Photos of demonstrated boat fold variations and a list of recommended reading from Charles.

8/5/2012:  Center for Metal Arts and giveaway reminder
Big thank you to our hosts, Center for Metal Arts.

8/5/2012:  Hands-on time day 2 and a bowl
Students and their work; making a bowl with wedge T-folds (video)

8/5/2012:  Hammers for foldforming
Correct hammer shape and Charles modifying a hammer (video)

8/5/2012:  Early afternoon day 2
Wedge t-folds, table inserts, Romero fold, t-fold/chased-on-air combo, and scoring/bending. 

8/4/2012:  The morning of day two
Patina demo, rolled folds, T-folds, chasing tools lecture.

8/4/2012:  Dinner and screening of competition entries
A few pics from a lovely evening.

8/4/2012:  Demonstrating a star fold
Hammering a star fold variation (video)

8/4/2012:  Hands on time
Students and their work. 

8/4/2012:  Star folds and pleats day 1.
Star fold variations and pleats demonstrated.

8/3/2012:  The first morning
Lots covered including basic concepts and demos of line folds, rolled folds; Bench Tricks lecture.

8/3/2012:  Giveaway info
A quick update on the live-blog giveaway.

8/3/2012: Introductions at CLB conference
Must see photos of Center for Metal Arts and its showroom / museum.

8/2/2012:  Live Blog Info for 2012 Charles Lewton-Brain Conference
What to expect of the live-blog and how to view posts.


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