This is my 2012 wrap-up video, just finished this morning.  
If you're seeing a blurry thumbnail it should update at some point, when Youtube gets around to it.  Here is some of the video description: (blog: SueLacy Wired.)  These are selections of my foldform work from the year 2012.  Foldforming is a metal technique developed by world renowned goldsmith and educator, Charles Lewton-Brain. The technique results in three dimensional organic designs. 

I’m fortunate to have learned foldforming from Charles at the Center for Metal Arts in Florida, New York.  He visits annually to offer a 4-day conference / workshop that is simply off the charts.  The next one is Aug 2-5, 2013; for information contact .  Seating is limited but I don’t mind sharing the news since my seat is already reserved.  Can’t wait-- this will be my third visit!  

I was the official live blogger of the 5th Annual Charles Lewton-Brain Conference in 2012.  If you’d like the insider’s view to last year’s shindigs, here you go… press your nose up to the studio glass and catch some precious moments. .  

Metal artists:  The annual Lewton-Brain Foldform Award competition coincides with the conference each year.  If you want to compete, stay tuned to for this year’s details.  View this video to see the 2012 results: 

Over the past couple years I’ve worked with Charles and Center for Metal Arts to build community around foldforming.  Visit the public Facebook page at  Or if you are a metalsmith join us at Foldforming Central, a specialty group for metalsmiths around the world at .  (Contact me directly via Facebook to request membership if your profile doesn’t show your metal work.)

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Sue Lacy / Jewelry artist, metalsmith, and community organizer

Hey my thumb is all healed up, so I'm finally ready to start on 2013 metal projects.  Yay!


02/05/2013 6:20am

LOVE IT! Fold forming is one of the things that I really want to learn, and you do it beautifully.


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